Monday, March 31, 2014

What Hath God Wrought?

Today, I am in San Francisco for the Hub Convene conference. A PR conference about digital seems as appropriate a time as any to unveil The Dash, my new blog.

What is The Dash?

The Dash is my place to cover the things I am interested in: cities, data, social media, and technology.

Morse CodeIt is designed to be clear and easy to read. All headers and titles are in Georgia, and the body of posts are written in Arial. The title is a deep forest green, which is my favorite color. Georgia, in addition to being a very clear font, is also my home state.

The dash is used in Morse Code to represent three time units ('111'), which is about the amount of time I hope you spend on my site. In Morse Code, one dash is the letter 'T', which is the first letter of my first name.

The United States Navy ceased all use of Morse Code in 1999. 

Two years earlier, the French Navy similarly abandoned the Code's use.

Their last signal was "Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence."


  1. I realize this is your first foray into the world of blogs, but I'm already going to complain. :) I don't know if it's a rule, but I believe it is visually iffy to mix serif and sans-serif fonts in the same web page. Facebook just started doing this with their most recent redesign, and I loathe it. I wouldn't use "loathe" here, but it just irks me, for some reason....

    But other than that, I'm excited to see what you post here, sir! You have been added to my RSS reader. :)

  2. Thanks Colin for being my first comment. I'll continue to experiment. I like the combo, but am open to being persuaded I made a bad call.

    Thanks for the add :)

  3. Silence is the loudest cry I've never heard.

  4. I think its a dash and a code, with some green and all will be good. and thanks for the inclusion as another site worth time :-)

  5. I added you to my RSS reader. Looking forward to some good reads!

  6. Looking forward to reading too!


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