Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why Did Wendy Davis Lose So Badly?

Wendy Davis
On November 4, 2014, Wendy Davis lost by a million votes.

She lost the state's most important prize - Harris County (Houston) - and, to add insult to injury, her state senate seat was nabbed by a anti-choice Tea Party candidate.

It's easy to read into these results that Texans emphatically rejected Davis' vision of the future, but that would be incorrect. Texans rejected voting.

Just 28% of Texans voted in this year's mid-terms, ranking us 51st in the nation in voter turnout. Somehow, we managed to vote in fewer numbers than even the states that had no real contest on the ballot. As Texans, we deserve the government we're going to get.

For starters, Greg Abbott will wage war on virtually everything that Davis, and the 1.7 million Texans who voted for her, hold dear: choice, education, gay rights, equal pay, and corporate accountability.

Despite his multi-million dollar settlement courtesy of his personal injury lawyer, he will almost certainly make sure you don't have the same day in court.

Despite his ludicrous arguments against marriage equality, which have been laughed at as "unserious" by appeals judges, countless millions of dollars will be spent defending the dustbin of history.

And forget about choice. We are about to get an administration that will make us remember Rick Perry fondly.

Greg Abbott will spend the next four years shrinking Texas government just small enough to fit into everyone's bedroom.

Our next Lieutenant Governor is a non-entity. After refusing to even debate the intellectually formidable Leticia Van De Putte, Dan Patrick managed to under poll Greg Abbott by 80,000 votes. This was in a year that was a statewide Republican rout. But we're getting him anyway.

Wendy Davis lost big on Tuesday because the people she needed to win stayed home. All across Texas, voter turnout lagged 2010. In the Rio Grande valley, Davis spectacularly underperformed Bill White's 2010 turnout. You can't win Texas by winning big in Austin.

We already have a great state for business, for growth, of low taxes, and high aspirations. Greg Abbott wants a Texas that works for small sliver of us, and he succeeded in getting that on Tuesday.

Wendy Davis lost big because she ran before the storm that's about to engulf all of us. She'll be back, but it might be too late.

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